The Surveyor’s Questions

Quality Improvement Indicators

What Goes on the Truck (and What Doesn’t)

Mission & Vision: The First Standard for a Reason

Happy New Fiscal Year

The Human Resource File

The Value of Conventions, Conferences, and In-Person Seminars

'Best If Used By...’ --A Look at Products with Expiration Dates & How They Are Surveyed

Creative Ways to Deal with Supply Chain Issues

HQAA Standards Version 3.0

A New Year: A New Company

Jim Moyer: When Friends Retire

I’m Thankful For...

Compliance Programs

The Buck Stops Here: Leadership & DME Organizations


Independence Day

Contract Staff

Record Retention

Mail Order

Back Up Equipment

Background Checks




Working Remote

When a Surveyor Calls…

Revisiting Retail Showrooms

Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season

OSHA: More Than Just a Lunchroom Poster

Team Building & Your DME

Competency Assessments

Sentinel Events

Financials & Accreditation

What is DMEPOS?

Holiday Audits

Patient Record Review

The NEW Most-Commonly Cited Standards

Survey Process Post Covid

The Customer is Always Right: The Ultimate Sales ‘Hack’

Are You Ready to Re-Open?

The ‘New Normal’ in DME

Passing Time During A Pandemic

Infection Control Review In The Era of Covid-19

HANDWASHING: The Advanced Class

Cleaning Equipment

New Year’s Resolutions

Five ‘Good Business’ Tips for the Holiday Season

Customer Complaints Can Be a ‘Good Thing’

Facebook, Twitter, and Websites: Your DME On Line

Effective ‘Onboarding’ & Improving Employee Retention Rates

Put Your Best Foot Forward: The Art of the Effective Set Up Packet

Carrying the Beeper: DME Staff & On Call

Staffing Issues & Summer Vacations

Oxygen Fire Safety in DME

Fire Safety in DME

Five Indispensable People Every DME Needs

Personnel File Audits

Mistakes from the Past

A DME Christmas Tale

DME Policy Manuals

Hepatitis B and DME Personnel

Are You ‘Any Willing Provider’?

Re-inventing Your DME

Death, Dying & DME

Ongoing Staff Education in Your HME Organization

Isn’t All Ventilator Care ‘Clinical'?

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

A Brief History of Home Oxygen Therapy

The Lost Art of Customer Service

Resolutions for the New Year - DME Style

HIPAA – Ten Years Old & Still an Issue

Tracking Your Equipment

A Stroll Through Your Warehouse: Standards Compliance in Equipment Storage Areas

Marketing & Accreditation: Why Does It Matter?

Coordination of Care

Quality Improvement

Delivery Vehicles & Accreditation: Everything You Need to Know

O2 Orders 101

What to Expect During an Accreditation Survey

Top Ten Deficiencies & How to Prevent Them

Using Clinical Respiratory Services to Enhance Your Business

Helping Your Customers Understand Their Financial Responsibility

Law & Regulation: An Accreditation Issue?

“Ride Alongs:” A Useful Tool for Your Company

Retail Showrooms & Your Accreditation Survey

Protecting Patient Privacy: HIPAA & Beyond

4 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Warehouse Meets HME Accreditation Standards

3 Keys to an HME Accreditation-Compliant Delivery Vehicle

4 Best Practices for Managing DME Employee Competence

DME Accreditation: How to Improve Quality & Performance Documentation

Most Common Accreditation Deficiencies in Patient Files

Keeping Up With HME Accreditation Standards

Creating a Thorough HME Complaint Process

HME Accreditation for Medical Practices: Frequently Asked Questions

Heroes Among Us

Who is Anti-Quality? 4 Ways to Improve Your HME Business

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plans for HME Accreditation

5 Accreditation Rules for Infection Control

How to Simplify HME Accreditation Compliance Maintenance

Top Accreditation Deficiencies and How to Avoid Them

CMS Clarifies Quality Standards and K0005 - Ultra Light Weight Wheelchairs

Creating Quality By Working Together

Common Deficiencies of Personnel Files

HME Cleaning Processes and Policies