Meet high quality standards with accreditation for Limited DMEPOS and Full Line DMEPOS Pharmacy.

Today's pharmacies come in all shapes and sizes. Your products and services can range from small and niche to large and comprehensive. HQAA offers an accreditation product that meets the specific requirements to provide Part B HME products and supplies within all pharmacies — whether you are providing full line HME products or are a community pharmacy with limited HME products. Our limited DMEPOS and full line DMEPOS pharmacy accreditation program is tailored specifically to your needs.


Pharmacy with Full Line HME

This model is for pharmacies that are providing full line HME products that are either rented on a monthly basis or are purchased.

Pharmacy with Limited HME

This model is for pharmacies that are providing limited HME products. The pharmacy: Does not have a warehouse of DMEPOS, i.e. where rental equipment is stored, delivered from, returned, cleaned and repaired

Does not provide delivery and/or set-up services of DMEPOS on a rental basis in customer residences outside of the supplemental delivery of items where medications are the primary delivery.

Does not provide preventive maintenance, repair, testing or loans of DMEPOS

Does not provide after-hours, on-call support for the use of DMEPOS customers

Core Standards

Full Line:

  • Organization and Administration
  • Program and Service Operations
  • Financial Stability
  • Human Resources
  • Infection Control and Safety
  • Quality Monitoring and Performance Improvement
  • Billing and Collections
  • Provision of Services
  • Materials Management
  • Mail Order


  • Limited companies would get an abridged version of the core standards.

Options Based on your Business

Full Line:

  • Delivery and Set-up
  • Retail Services
  • Rehabilitation Services (complex rehab)
  • Clinical Respiratory Services
  • Custom Orthotics


  • Retail Services

Product Codes Included

Full Line:

  • All product codes available


  • M10 Wheelchair Seating/Cushions
  • R07 Nebulizer Equipment and/or Supplies
  • R08A Oxygen Supplies
  • DM01 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and/or Supplies
  • DM02 Commodes/Urinals/Bedpans
  • DM05 Blood Glucose Monitors and/or Supplies (non-mail order)
  • DM06 Blood Glucose Monitors and/or Supplies (mail order)
  • DM08 Heat & Cold Applications (sale only)
  • DM19 Speech Generating Devices
  • DM21 Traction Equipment (if sale only)
  • DM22 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) and/or Supplies
  • DM24 External Infusion Supplies
  • DM25 External Ambulatory Insulin Supplies
  • M01 Canes and Crutches
  • M04 Seat Lift Mechanisms
  • M05 Walkers
  • PD06 Ostomy Supplies
  • PD08 Tracheostomy Supplies
  • PD09 Urological Supplies
  • OR02 Orthoses: Prefabricated (non-custom fabricated)
  • OR03 Orthoses: Off-The-Shelf 
  • OR04 Penile Pumps
  • PD01 Breast Prostheses and Accessories (if traditional, out of the box only – not custom)
  • PE03 Enteral Nutrients
  • S01 Surgical Dressings
  • S02 Diabetic Shoes/Inserts, Off the Shelf
  • S03 Diabetic Shoes/Inserts, Custom
  • S04 Lymphedema Compression Treatment Items

Meeting the standards online — and offline.

While HQAA places great emphasis on thorough online documentation review, our on-site surveys are every bit as meticulous. All site visits are unannounced and not only verify the submitted documentation, but include detailed observation of patient care and processes. As a result, HQAA consistently garners high customer satisfaction ratings with their accredited providers.

"The reason we chose HQAA was that HQAA WAS OUR SOLUTION ... we can pursue accreditation at times that fit our schedule. At first the Internet design was intimidating to me, but now I realize that HQAA is our only hope of maintaining high standards in our business."
— Glenn Kosirog, Kosirog Pharmacy