Apply for HME accreditation online with HQAA.

Thank you for choosing HQAA! We look forward to working with you throughout the accreditation process. Applying takes just minutes, so don’t wait.

NOTE: The cost of the application is $200.00. HQAA accepts all major credit cards for this fee.

Application Process

  1. Complete company information. You will need to provide detailed information about your company, including name, address, additional locations, etc. Please be prepared to write a brief description that includes year of incorporation, business model, delivery of service methods, etc. A list of additional documents needed is included below.
  2. Complete payment system application. Once your application is received, we will send you a confirmation of the final financial obligation needed to complete the HQAA application process. NOTE: The HQAA application fee is $200.00. HQAA accepts all major credit cards for this fee.
  3. Visit your Workroom. As your payment is being processed, you will receive limited access to the Workroom. TIP: Now is the perfect time to watch the online Qtorial that explains how to best take advantage of the HQAA process.
  4. Change your password. After your payment is accepted, you will receive a notice to personalize your Workroom password. Once your password is changed, you have access to the Workroom 24/7. TIP: Be sure to bookmark the Workroom page.


Gather the following information, if applicable:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Gross reported HME revenue for your entire company, rounded to the thousands
  • Address, phone, and fax numbers for all sites to be accredited
  • Name, title, phone and fax number of person responsible for accreditation
  • 855 or 855-S application form (information from form must match HQAA application)
  • Medicare Provider Number(s) for all sites
  • National Provider Identifier(s) for all sites
  • Medicaid Provider Number(s) for all sites
  • Credit card (for application fee and all subsequent Workroom fees)
  • Member number to VGM & Associates


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