Lori Took the Initiative

Giovanni is an Asset to HQAA

Our Team Greatly Appreciated Giovanni

Appreciate All Their Guidance

Always Accessible and Very Knowledgeable

Helpful & Friendly

Second to None

Exceptional service!! Thank you!

Jennifer was Amazing

Kara was Very Efficient and Friendly

I would always recommend using HQAA

Tori Was Very Professional

We Are So Happy with HQAA


We Couldn't Have a Better Experience

Very Interactive and Educational

I Was Extremely Impressed

You Guys Are the Best

Thank you so much Lori!!

Tori was Amazing to Work With

Userfriendly Time and Time Again

Entire Survey Felt Comfortable and Educational

LOVE Your Renewal Process

It Was a Pleasure Working With Our Coach

Harold Immediately Made Us Feel At Ease

10/10 would recommend HQAA!

They are giving 110%

Lori Was Fabulous

Nothing but Positive Feelings

So Glad I Chose HQAA

Couldn't have done it without her

Exceeded All Expectations in Every Facet

An Elevated Level of Service

Guidance, Resources, and the Tools Necessary

Made the Process Seamless

It Was a Pleasure

Wow, what a great experience I have had with HQAA

Major Thanks to our Surveyor Harold

Coach is excellent in providing details and direction

I could not be more pleased

We are a small, two-person operation

Could not have done it without ACT!

He's here to help us

My First Accreditation

Harold did an incredible job

HQAA was the right choice

A very positive experience

Easiest and most complete accreditation system

Amazingly helpful, patient and knowledgeable

SO helpful, patient and knowledgeable

Top notch!

HQAA simplified the entire process

Jim gave us some great ideas

Comprehensive, Detailed and Easy to Follow

Makes so much sense

I really appreciate the surveyor's input and advice

Reexplained until I did understand

Treated us with a level of kindness and respect

Very professional. Well appreciated!

The process was simple


Went out of their way to explain

It gets easier each time

HQAA cared about keeping my cost down

So glad I made the switch to HQAA

I rely on HQAA to keep me on track

Awesome Staff

Quick to respond and always helpful

HQAA has consistently been a reliable source of inspiration

Very glad we selected HQAA

More streamlined each time

Awesome ability to put everyone at ease

This was an overall pleasant experience!

We really appreciate our partnership with HQAA!

Working with your organization has been great!

Dana was amazing

My 1st Accreditation

HQAA is by far the most user friendly

The entire HQAA staff always goes above and beyond

So very helpful in offering suggestions

It has been such a pleasure all along!

Highly recommend HQAA to anyone looking

Thank you for your ability to work with us

Such a pleasant and educational experience

Prompt responses, guidance and easy to navigate website

HQAA has been great throughout this process

My survey was a very positive experience

HQAA is excellent!

HQAA has made this process easy

Second to none!

I would recommend HQAA to any DME company

Eliminates the guessing game before survey

This has been the best experience ever


HQAA makes it pretty simple

Loretta Carr-Stock was wonderful

This process could not have been better or easier

We will happily recommend HQAA

Overall, we had a wonderful experience with HQAA

Surveyor made us feel comfortable and appreciated our hard work

Keep up the great work

Everyone at HQAA has been very helpful and professional

So glad we picked HQAA

Sara was prompt, helpful and pleasant

More than pleased to have passed with the highest score yet!

Very happy with HQAA and their workroom process!

This process is so much easier

Made our Re-Accreditation Experience OUTSTANDING

I would recommend HQAA to anyone!

Can not say enough about the process and staff involved

Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

One of the best experiences we have had so far

I cannot say enough great things

I highly recommend HQAA to anyone

Bravo for him and HQAA

Being able to reuse so many documents is a HUGE help

His recommendations will prove to be invaluable

Surveyor was very helpful and informative

Actually takes a serious interest

Helped us grow into a better company

Left staff feeling appreciated and respected

Professional, friendly, and truly dedicated

Always been a great experience

Process was smooth and painless

Very easy and efficient so far

Workroom is very user friendly

She is the VERY BEST!!!

More professional, organized and helpful than anyone else

We are glad we switched to HQAA

HQAA all the way baby!

Sara was an excellent person to work with

Best on-site survey for us yet

She was able to answer all of our questions

He was calm, polite, and very professional

Her ease in communicating made my staff relax and be themselves

I could not have selected a better company

Every survey has made us a better company

Sara was GREAT

The standards are clearly explained

We appreciated all the education and helpful tips

HQAA has guided us and eased our minds

It was a pleasure having him in the office

Very helpful with his input and explanations

HQAA has done a phenomenal job

Surveyor was understanding and helpful

Great experience!

If you want to be successful - work with the BEST!!!


Can't imagine doing this without you guys

ACT Allows Us to Stay on Track

I Could Not Be Happier for Choosing HQAA

HQAA Saves You Time, Money, and Headaches

Our coach was wonderful!

Deeply Thankful to Each of You

Our Company is Very Honored

We did it!

My coach Lore was outstanding!!!

Coach Was Understanding and Supportive

Kudos and Thanks to My HQAA Team

A Fabulous Surveyor and Mentor!!

The Best in the Business

Exceeded Our Expectations

Everyone Made the Accreditation Process Pleasant

It was a VERY POSITIVE experience!!!

A Survey That Exemplifies How This Process Should Be

HQAA Has Been With Us Through Our Whole Process

By Far, HQAA Has Been the Best Experience

HQAA Really Cares for Their Clients from Beginning to End

A Great and Smooth Experience

It Was an Absolute Pleasure Working with Her

Very impressed!

Surveyor Was Amazing and Full of Knowledge

We Really Couldn't Be More Pleased

I Felt Thoroughly Prepared

Gave Us Some Valuable Suggestions

High Praise for HQAA's Staff

I Couldn't Be Happier!

Made It So Easy to Understand

Great experience, thank you!

Put Us at Ease

HQAA did a fantastic job for us

He is a gem!

Amazing and knowledgeable staff

She was patient and a joy to work with

Steve Was Awesome to Work With

Easy to Understand

You all are awesome!

A Wonderful Group to Work With!

We So Appreciate HQAA

Went Above and Beyond

HIGHLY Recommend

Helpful to Our Company

Saved So Much Time and Man Hours

Gave Us Great Advice

Assured Me I Wasn't Alone

Could Not Have Been Easier

Tools are Fantastic

Provided Us With the Tools and the Knowledge

HQAA Process is Smooth and Seamless

Thoughtful and Direct Guidance