Harold Immediately Made Us Feel At Ease



Our words will never ever be able to explain the positive experience we encountered during our accreditation visit with Harold. As the President and a Respiratory Therapist the weeks leading to our visit consisted of a lot of sleepless nights and excessive worry. I knew Kilgore's is an amazing company that is always striving to do what is right for the patient and excel at documenting and following insurance and accreditation guidelines, but I really wanted HQAA and more specifically our surveyor Harold would feel the same way once our survey was over. This is probably too much information but when Harold walked in I literally felt light headed and had to go take a minute to gather myself. The only thing I can say is that Harold immediately made us feel at ease. His education process started from the first moment we all started talking and NEVER ended until the last moments we spent with him. His wealth of knowledge was never ending and gave us so many good ideas and strategies to improve our business. Harold was so professional even when we may not have understood exactly what question he was asking. He would give us a minute to deal with our complete state of panic and then ask the question in another way that was so helpful to us. In the past we have always thought of the accreditation visit as this horrific process of learning any tiny mistake we made, but Harold treats it as more of a peer to peer working to improve not only our business, but taking any good policies we may have to share with other companies and improve them as well. I feel that this is a win/win for everyone. HQAA has a shining example in Harold of how to evaluate the companies policies and procedures, help that company not only learn the required policies and documentation but also shares best practices so there is improvement across the board. It was such a pleasure and honor to work with someone as educated and professional as Harold. 

Kilgore Respiratory Services Inc 
Columbia, MO

Topics: Survey Testimonial