A Comfortable and Rewarding Evaluation



APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE!!!! Our experience with HQAA was extremely helpful and informative. This was our second experience with you, and it was a comfortable and rewarding evaluation with respect to our company performance and suggestions for improvement. Our experience with **** was a grueling, unpleasant experience and we felt we were being punished for omissions or errors that we had made, for lack of not knowing better. Instead of teaching and helping, we were made to feel totally inadequate as an organization and were left frustrated and bruised. HQAA was introduced to me by Steve DeGeneraro, and we will be eternally grateful for the information he provided. We had Rick Voltmer the first time, and he was excellent in conducting the accreditation. He pointed out a number of things that could improve our overall performance, and they did. Gio Tocco was excellent in evaluating our organization and also made some suggestions that will be beneficial in running this organization. He was thoughtful, respectful and professional, but also showed the human side of a person who was given the task of evaluating our company. We are grateful for having the opportunity to work with quality people and a quality organization. God willing, if we can survive all that is happening in the DME World, we will see you again in 3 years. Many thanks, with much gratitude,

Sophie Maher, CEO and Staff
S.A.Maher, Inc., Berea, OH

Topics: Survey Testimonial