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Reduce your risk with HQAA infusion pharmacy accreditation.

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Infusion pharmacy is complex. The margin for error is nil. And the risks are high. You need HQAA accreditation – a quality focused accreditation program designed specifically for infusion pharmacies.

When you focus on meeting accreditation standards, you ensure a foundation of business and pharmacy practices that manages risk reduction. Increase your commitment to quality with HQAA accreditation.

HQAA’s infusion accreditation standards include:

  • Organization and administration
  • Program and service operations
  • Financial stability
  • Human resources
  • Infection/safety control
  • Quality monitoring and performance
  • Billing and collections
  • Medications
  • DME products and supplies

Options based upon your business:

  • Delivery and set-up
  • Complex rehabilitation
  • Clinical respiratory
  • Mail order
  • Custom orthotics

Meeting the standards online—and offline.

While HQAA places great emphasis on thorough online documentation review, our on-site surveys are every bit as meticulous. All site visits are unannounced and not only verify the submitted documentation, but include detailed observation of patient care management and processes. As a result, HQAA consistently garners high customer satisfaction ratings with their accredited providers.

“Having been through many other accreditation cycles in the past, this is the BEST way to move through the process of accreditation and organizational improvement. I will be a champion for HQAA whenever I get the chance!”

— Rollyne P. Klem, RN, CRNI, OCN
   President & CEO, Ciscura™ Infusion Services

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