How the HQAA HME post-accreditation process works


1.  ACTion Plan

Tackle a new quality topic each month.
ACTion Plan is an interactive tool that helps keep your high-quality standards up-to-date with worksheets that help you maintain compliance. HQAA has assigned a quality topic for every month. ACT Accreditation Continuation Toolkit focuses on 18 different quality topics — one each month.

Work a week at a time.
Each week, you'll download a worksheet related to that month's topic, fill out the worksheet offline and, if necessary, update the corresponding standards in your HQAA Workroom.

Track your progress.
Two bar charts track your monthly and 18-month progress — keeping you up-to-date and motivated. When it comes time to reapply for accreditation, you'll be ready. 


2.  Workroom Plan

Review standards one bite at a time.
Workroom Plan is an interactive tool that helps you focus on standards related to your weekly ACTion Plan topic. You'll review the standards that are important to that week's quality topic and have the opportunity to update your HQAA Workroom, if necessary.

Know where you stand.
Two bar charts track your monthly and 18-month progress — so you know exactly where you stand on your standards. When it comes time to reapply for accreditation, your documentation will be up-to-date.


3.  Resources

Download documents.
Use these additional tips, checklists and guides to be even more prepared for re-accreditation. 

Explore links
Click on links to valuable accreditation information, industry-related organizations and state medical equipment associations — all in one convenient place.

Review these must-reads
See what books on leadership, business and accreditation that HQAA recommends to help you grow personally and professionally. 


4.  Message Center

Stay connected.
Message Center offers tools that connect you with HQAA, the HME industry and each other:

  • HQAA Updates — Keep current on HQAA happenings and how to stay a Quality Champion. 
  • HME Updates — Stay up-to-date on the industry with a feed of breaking HME news.
  • Q-mail — Read important messages from HQAA about the services we provide you.
  • Q-connect — Talk with other HME providers in this forum about the topics that matter to you the most.
  • Q-chat — Chat live with HQAA accreditation coaches and get your questions answered — fast.


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