Cutting Edge Accreditation for Facility Based Ventilator Units

Facility Based Ventilator Unit Accreditation

FBVU Accreditation can set your ventilator unit apart from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to quality and providing the best patient care.  Accreditation tells referral sources, patients and their family, caregivers, potential customers, and the medical community at large that your program stands up to important industry and quality standards beyond the minimum requirements of licensure.  Furthermore, accreditation is required by some payer sources and enhances your program’s ability to generate third party payment for the facilities within which you work. 

Let HQAA’s quality check show your commitment to providing the best care, maintaining an efficient business model, and always doing “what’s right” within the facilities you serve. 

FBVU Accreditation is appropriate for any facility-based ventilator care provider including skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute care units, and group homes providing ventilator care.  Accreditation is tied to the business entity providing the care, whether owned by the facility or an outside contractor.  Accreditation is location specific and is granted after a thorough application and survey process. 

Born of a need within the industry, our accreditation process was designed to meet the needs of the industry and satisfy standards established by various laws and regulations.  We also looked to  evidence-based guidelines from nationally recognized professional organizations such as the American Association for Respiratory Care, (AARC) in developing these standards.  Please feel free to call HQAA about the benefit of this important accreditation.

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