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National Supplier Clearinghouse    9-24-2012

Can Chiropractors Enroll as DMEPOS Suppliers?
Chiropractors are eligible to enroll as DMEPOS suppliers but are not afforded any special enrollment exemptions extended to other physicians and non-physician practitioners identified in Section 1861(r) of the Social Security Act. Medicare coverage for a chiropractor is limited to the manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation; all other services furnished or ordered by chiropractors are not covered. As such, chiropractors are not exempt from DMEPOS accreditation, surety bonds, enrollment fees, site visits or licensing requirements as required for a DMEPOS supplier in the state(s) in which they provide service. For the purpose of enrollment as a DMEPOS supplier, when completing Section 2B of the CMS Form 855S, chiropractors should indicate what specific type of DMEPOS supplier they are but should not annotate physician or 'other' in Section 2B.

What the rule clarification means.

In order for Part B DMEPOS items to be reimbursed by Medicare, chiropractors have to follow the guidelines of the mandate for accreditation.  HQAA is one of just a few CMS-deemed accreditation organizations that offers accreditation for DMEPOS in a chiropractor/physician practice.

How HQAA can help. 
HQAA offers unique Web-based tools and individualized accreditation coaches to help you through the DME accreditation process. Sign up for more information using the form on the right. 


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